Pin-up Soldier

Hello and happy Monday!  Here is another one of my pin-ups to add to my series.  The whole calendar is currently on display at the Provo Juice ‘n Java for one more day (today!) until it moves up to the Orem store for a month as of tomorrow.  That way the girls who work there […]

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[Dinosaur] Rhubarb Pie: Portland Food Photography

Dinosaur Rhubarb Pie crust: 2 cups flour. 1 teaspoon salt. 2/3 cup shortening. 6 teaspoons cold water. mix it all up.  make two balls, one for the bottom and another for the top.  Use a cookie cutter to make dinosaurs in the crust on top as openings or with extra dough to make little guys […]

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Company on the Porch

Galveston, Texas

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Featured artist on the blog “Why So Red”

Today I’m featured on the blog “Why So Red?” a fantastic blog regarding all sorts of Eastern European topics from current events to book reviews and art.  Go check it out!

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Blendtec Portraits

Some simple portraits done for Blendtec’s catalog for shirts, aprons, etc. for their employees.

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Pin-Up Skier

One of my life goals is one day to ski in my swimsuit.  Perhaps that is what I will do the day I graduate from college.  Even if that just means my swimsuit is underneath my coat and ski pants, I can still say I did it.

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Doorknobs, Ashton Villa: Galveston, Texas

Doorknobs photographed during a reception in a historical home, Ashton Villa, in Galveston, Texas.

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The Provo River Bridge [Holga]

One day we were on a bike ride and saw some children jumping from a bridge off of the Provo River trail.  After some investigating (aka convincing a friend to try it out) we found out it was plenty deep and ended up jumping off of that bridge every day for the rest of the […]

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Melanie and James Zelnick: Oakland/Danville, California

To kick off Christmas break/photo madness, I flew out to Oakland, California to photograph Melanie and James‘s wedding.  It turned out to be beautiful despite all the rain we had.  It was a fun wedding and a great reception with all sorts of little details down to cute matching children scooping up candy for you […]

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Taken with a Holga about this time last year in New Braunfels, Texas.

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