TJ’s Senior Pictures

Recently I got to photograph TJ for his graduation announcements back in San Antonio (which explains why it doesn’t look like Antarctica like it does currently in Utah).  And don’t worry, that is a BBQ in the last picture that we found…we figured it’s Texas, so it was completely necessary.  If you want to see […]

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KT Tape

I have been doing a lot of photography over these last few months for a company called KT Tape which makes medical tape to be sold in retail stores and used by therapists.  I have been doing a lot of product photography and photo editing for their website as well as product catalogs.  We did […]

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Green Treats

A few images taken for Blendtec.  They will be having some recipes (and my photographs) in Costco Connection for January, so be sure the check it out!  They have a lot of gluten free as well as just healthy foods.  We have been working on a recipe book for the last 9 months, I believe, […]

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Merry Christmas! (Pin-up style, of course)

Coming around for Christmas: our December girl. Merry Christmas!

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Gold Mine, Elko, Nevada

Shortly after Thanksgiving I went over to Elko with two friends into a Gold Mine to shoot a documentary.  It was crazy, but didn’t feel too crazy all at once which I think made it feel even more strange how familiar it was.  It actually reminded me a lot of the Indiana Jones ride at […]

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Lauren & James Swartz [26 Nov 10]

Over Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to be in San Antonio for Lauren and James’s wedding.  We started off the break with beautiful bridals and ended with an equally beautiful wedding.  This wedding was fantastic, the food was delicious, and it was full of old and new friends making up an all around great day.  […]

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Biggest Fete of 2010

I just finished my biggest fete of 2010: The Juice ‘n Java calendar.  I don’t want to give it away or anything, but here it is anyways.  I also decided that I’m going to work in terms of calendars because I had so much fun.  Mainly I like working in series, but this forces me […]

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Crop Circles

Ariel photograph taken somewhere above Utah. Now for my grand tour for Christmas break: Utah-Oakland-Danville-San Antonio-Uvalde-Galveston-Houston-San Antonio-Utah.

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Herbal Remedies in Jars

Over the summer while in Bosnia, I was introduced to the uses of foods in health.  I had always thought about herbals remedies, but never about much more than that.  I lived with a holistic physical therapist and the culture in the Balkans is very aware of the food around you and how it can […]

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Pin-Up Cowgirl

Yet another of my pin-up series.  I decided to space them out a little bit more.  No use of rushing a good thing.  I really should release them as the calendar does… but I’m not that patient.  I’m too excited about these to drag them out over an entire year.  However, if you want to, […]

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