Sometimes I wish I lived in this home.  And by this home, I mean that birdhouse.  It would just be nice. Until then, it is traveling season.  I will be in multiple states and cities over the next couple of months, starting with Colorado today.  Time for some new pictures from all over and new […]

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Article in the Daily Universe (Sarajevo Exhibit)

For those of you who don’t go to BYU or missed the article yesterday, an article was published in the Daily Universe about my Bosnia exhibit.  You can read the full text here. My show will be up until the 15th of November (Monday) and then it is moving into the Harold B. Lee Library […]

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Kayte Razor Raider

A recent photo I took with my favorite, a tilt-shift lens.

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Weekend Photo

I spent a lot of time this weekend photographing for work.  Sometimes fun things, sometimes not.  Inbetween plays during the football game on Saturday, I did manage to take some shots that I personally liked.  Here was my favorite of LaVelle Edwards Stadium.

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Pin-up Sailor

For a class project, I have started a series of images inspired by pin up girls.  Some of the girls I used to work with at Juice n Java wanted to put together this series, so I figured now would be the best time.  This is the first one of the series.  I’m not sure […]

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Kirk Reports

Images made for a company out of Cedar City for The Kirk Report, an investing and trading stock company out of Charles Kirk’s home.

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Morning Tilt-Shift

Image taken with a tilt-shift lens while camping at the Overlook just outside of Cedar City at about 10am after only about 3 hours of sleep on my way back from Las Vegas.

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Back to Back Exhibits

Because one just wasn’t enough, so I’m having TWO gallery openings this month/weekend.  Don’t feel obligated to go to both, but if you want to, I won’t stop you.  The first in Thursday on BYU Campus in the Harris Fine Art Center from 7:30-9pm and the second is Friday in Bon Bon Boutique for the […]

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