Springville Art Museum

Image taken in the main courtyard in the Springville Art Museum. Today I’m going down into a gold mine in Elko, Nevada with a fellow photographer, Sally Rampton.  I’m helping her photograph and film a documentary project on gold mines.  I won’t be gone long, but it’s exciting nonetheless.  Be looking for photos coming up […]

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Pin-up in the back seat

Another pin-up girl!  This time in the back seat of a friend’s old Buick. I have a full set to do and one month to complete them.  I’ve shot 1/3 of them, and still have 8 more to go…. But don’t worry, they’re all in the works and going to be great.  I think I’m […]

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Lauren’s Bridals at the Scottish Rite, San Antonio

Lauren was so much fun to photograph with her Spanish flair and the location of this Scottish museum and cathedral in downtown San Antonio.  Her wedding was yesterday, so pictures will be on here soon of that as well!  To see more from this shoot, go here.

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Spear Fisher[boy]s

Two boys trying to spear fish on Bird Island, Corpus Christi, Texas. Thanksgiving Day.

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Thanksgiving Waves

Every year for Thanksgiving my family goes down to Corpus Christi, Texas, a two and some hour drive from San Antonio, where we live.  This tradition was started a few years after we moved to Texas and we head down, windsurf (often times without wet suits—thanks, Gulf of Mexico for being fantastic) and go to […]

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Texas Hill Country Landscape

When I think of San Antonio there are a few things that come to mind such as Fiesta, Mexican culture, warm nights, downtown walks, Day of the Dead art, and parks.  However, when I think of the Hill Country, north of San Antonio, I think more of of the wildflowers and religious businesses.  The religious […]

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Ariel Views 2

Images taken from a helicopter.  If I were a good listener I would know what kind of helicopter it is, but unfortunately I forgot and now it is just a shadow that I hung my feet out of while taking these images in Northern Utah. Also, I am currently in the process of traveling (thanks […]

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Cracked Lens

I had an accident a few days ago in which my lens made contact with cement.  Thanks and praise, I had a lens filter on just in case.  It was bent out of shape and I had to have it sawed off, but my lens survived.  Undamaged.  However, in between the injury and hospital, I […]

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Ice Climbing Trad

Ice climbing gear photographed for my still life/commercial photography class, appropriate for the cold weather setting in. Two stories to accompany: 1- ice slips a lot when on Plexiglas.  2- once upon a time I was sitting in the emergency room and there was a boy sitting across from me.  He was missing most of […]

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Article in the Daily Universe (Sarajevo Exhibit)

For those of you who don’t go to BYU or missed the article yesterday, an article was published in the Daily Universe about my Bosnia exhibit.  You can read the full text here. My show will be up until the 15th of November (Monday) and then it is moving into the Harold B. Lee Library […]

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